magic dinner in Weinheim 19.4.2022

On April 29 Felix Gauger enchants in the context of a 3-course menu at the Wachenburg Weinheim. The menu can be found on the website of the Wachenburg Weinheim, where you can also already reserve tickets for the menu. Felix is looking forward to a colorful evening full of magic, comedy, mental magic, good entertainment and especially delicious food.

The tickets are available here.

AIDAradio Prime Time Show 11.2.2022

Today's guest on Thorsten Jost's Prime Time Show is Felix Gauger. Host Thorsten Jost has interesting guests on his prime time show and chats with them about AIDA, cruises and sea voyages. Always with them: the finest good mood music!

Felix talks about how he became a magician, about the appeal of cruises and reports on his current trip on AIDAblu in the Mediterranean sea.

Listen to it at: or directly via DAB .

robinson 27.1.2022


Merry Christmas 24.12.2021

Felix Gauger wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, relaxing holidays and peaceful moments and above all a happy, successful and brilliant year 2022. Felix Gauger has decided to dispense with Christmas cards and gifts for his customers and to donate the funds to the victims of the flood disaster on the Ahr.

Covid-19 compliant Magic Shows 2.12.2021

Slowly, light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. First events are planned and also first private ceremonies like weddings take place. Felix Gauger is looking forward to lperform live in front of physical audiences and offers his guests Covid-19-compliant magic. Felix is vaccinated and can minimize on-stage interaction with guests and guarantees to maintain the minimum distance. 

Rely on live entertainment from a professional with years of experience. Your guests will enjoy, be able to marvel and indulge in magic. Moments that took place far too little last year and are now waiting to be experienced live and in color. 

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Digital Magic 22.12.2020

Corona has shown impressively how quickly even large systems can change - offline became online - almost overnight! Probably it will even stay that way - everyone is talking about the "New Normal". Online events, digital presentations, zoom conferences and virtual meetings are the new event format. As magicians we are change agents by nature. That's why I also offer online magic shows for your digital event format. Via zoom, teams or Skype, emotional moments can be created even from  distance. I can respond to your format and can ideally incorporate the message of your event. Create unforgettable moments even in a digital event format! Ask today if your date is still available (click here).


online zauberkurs 6.6.2020

Du möchtest Zaubern lernen und weißt nicht genau wie du anfangen kannst? Du möchtest andere Leute begeistern, mit Kartentricks und Alltagsgegenständen verblüffen? Aus dem Stegreif auch mal einen Trick vorführen können? Dann lerne jetzt selber Zaubern.

Hier gehts zum Zauberkurs

Du brauchst keine Vorkentnisse, da alles im Detail erklärt wird. Ich freue mich auf dich, fange jetzt an. (Klick hier) und beginne mit dem Onlinezauberkurs-Magic to Go.


magic in Cape Town 11.2.2020

Magic in Cape Town. Felix was in South Africa for the first time with his magic show and enchanted with his performance in Cape Town.

Aida Mira Welcome Cruise 29.11.2019

On 30 November 2019, the cruise ship AIDAmira will officially join the AIDA fleet. Even before the new Selection ship sets course to South Africa, guests can get to know AIDAmira on an exclusive 4-day cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. The Welcome Cruise starts on 30 November 2019 in Palma de Mallorca with a first highlight: the ceremonial launch of AIDAmira. In front of the majestic La Seu cathedral, goose bumps are pre-programmed.Franziska Knuppe will name the 14th fleet member. The successful German singer Johannes Oerding and singer Laith Al-Deen will provide thrilling entertainment. Guest artist Felix Gauger enchants the guests on the 3rd day of the 4-day journey in the on-board theatre.

Merry Christmas 23.12.2019

Thank you very much for an enchanting year 2019, I wish you a happy, peaceful and relaxing Christmas with a lot of joy, as well as a happy and successful new year 2020.