Stand-Up: Showact

Stand-Up is a modern & humorous aspect of magic that fits conveniently between stage illusions and close-up magic. As it does not require the traditional, large-scale magical props Stand-Up provides an intimate and engaging show for the audience.Combining magic, comedy and mind-reading, your guests will be enthralled. Stand-Up can be performed in almost all situations, whether on stage, in a conference room or even outdoor.
If this program is not enough, then why not combine it with close-magic, in which Felix goes from table-to-table, giving your guests an even more intimate journey into the world of magic.


modern, charming show. Funny and emotional. Mental and visual effects with daily props.

suitable for birthday parties, weddings, convention dinner, parties, product introductions and any other corporate or private event...

required space: ca. 2 x 2 m

25-45 minutes