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"Perceiving how good someone is is highly individualised and multifaceted"

Felix Gauger has studied magic since he was 6 years old and has practised it for over 25 years

From industrial engineer to the master of magic

Felix is a regular guest at corporate galas, employee events and trade fairs

Felix Gauger comes from the beautiful Bergstrasse in Weinheim and currently lives in the Rhine-Main area in Darmstadt. From industrial engineer to master of magic is his motto. With a doctorate in economics, the artist knows how to interact with his audience and is never out of place at a business event. He has already enchanted stars such as Sami Khedira, Lena Gercke, Max Giesinger, Roman Weidenfeller and many more.

Felix has been performing magic for over 20 years and discovered his passion for magic when he was in primary school. He is constantly expanding his program, developing new illusions and attending international congresses for further training. Felix has been a member of the German Magic Circle since 2008.

Felix Gauger has won several awards for his show. He is a two-time winner of the Magic slam and was named German Bar Magic Champion in the Business Magic category in 2012.

Since Felix loves to combine travel and magic, he is a regular star guest on AIDA cruise ships, a guest artist at Robinson Clubs around the world and, since 2012, a guest artist at Aldiana Clubs. In addition to varieté engagements, he is mainly booked for gala events and enriches corporate parties, weddings and private birthdays. From a 40-person party to a 1,000-person event, he has a show program that fits the occasion.


CV & Awards

From industrial engineer to master of misdirection. Felix holds a doctorate in economics and is one of the most booked magicians in Germany, especially in a business context.

Felix started performing in public at the age of 15 and founded his company in 2006. It started with his first corporate appearances, weddings and birthdays.

Since 2011, Felix has been part of the guest artist team on AIDA ships and regularly travels as a star guest from the Caribbean to India, Southeast Asia and the North Cape. The cruises are a great enrichment and Felix loves to go to sea.

Felix becomes a member of the Magic Circle of Germany and at the same time involuntarily a member of the Central Traffic Register. He performs his new program at street festivals in Bamberg, Germany or Buskers Wien, Austria and rehearses for his first full-length show.

In the same year, Felix Gauger releases the DVD Magic to Go. The DVD becomes a bestseller for magic beginners and many people find their way into magic. The novelty of the DVD is a complete close-up show for beginners, which Felix explains in detail. With the end of the DVD medium, the Magic to Go magic course is now available as an online magic course on Udemy, which currently has well over 500 online students.

Numerous shows and guest appearances have taken him to the Schmidt Theater Hamburg, the Scheinbar Berlin, the Comedy Club Stuttgart, Bro's Comedy in Bruchsal, Heidelberg and Karlsruhe. He inspires in the format Comedy Kitchen Lovers, the Comic Night and initiates his own comedy magic formats in Weinheim, Heidelberg, Bingen and Rüdesheim.

From 2016 to 2019, Felix is booked for the Magic Life Clubs worldwide to enchant international guests in addition to his magic workshops in the in-house theaters. He performs his shows, some of which are bilingual, for vacationers of all ages.

During Corona in 2020 and 2021, Felix will tour various Robinson Clubs in Spain, enchanting guests who are on vacation during Corona and are looking for a time full of sun, relaxation and recreation.

In 2023, Felix Gauger has started a partnership with the Aldiana Clubs and is a guest artist at the Austrian clubs Ampflwang and Salzkammergut during the Mountainbreeze Weeks. Another guest artist will be Laith Al-Deen. In 2024 he is booked in Spain for the Aldiana Club.

With more than 25 years of performance experience as a magician, he is booked not only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland but also worldwide and fires off a firework of illusions, entertainment and gags.


An essay on the question: How do you recognize a good magician? What makes a good magician?

Perceiving how good someone is is highly individualised and multifaceted.

On the one hand, I would distinguish between how well the artist masters the tools of his art, i.e. how perfect the illusion is, how good his dexterity is, how excellently the trick and the illusion are performed. Secondly, and I think this is the more important point, how good is the performer as a person. Does he have charisma, does he manage to inspire the audience with his show as a whole, with his entertainment? Does the magician have entertainment value? Is the magician able to react to the individual situation of the event and is he able to captivate the audience immediately?

The pure technique of the trick, the magic trick itself, then becomes almost irrelevant, because it is basically about the entertainment that the artist offers as a whole. The audience will remember the whole show as an experience, the entertainment, the amusement, the good time they had as an audience and the amazement as an overall experience. So a good magician is, above all, a good entertainer. He has to be fun, he has to make people lose themselves, he has to fascinate them, he has to make them forget everyday life. If he then succeeds in making sure that the guests have no explanation for what they have experienced, then he has achieved his goal. Christoph Kuch writes in his book "Don't be superstitious, it's bad luck" that for us magicians the tricks should only be a means to an end. "What really counts is entertaining people. Magic lives from passion. You can only become good if you love, live, think and feel something" (1).

Much of this has to do with the likeability of the performer on stage. If the performer is simply unappealing, insecure and lacks confidence, it will be much more difficult for the artist to captivate the audience. An essential characteristic is the way the performer interacts with the audience. This should show the spectator in the best light, not from above, but on the contrary, the guest must be the star on the stage. For this, the magician needs life experience, skill and a certain flair for dealing with the audience. Routine helps, and an old hand is much more confident than a 20-year-old just starting out.

When magicians can react appropriately to any situation on stage, it is a sign that they have years of stage experience and are comfortable with guests. In a podcast with Marvin Berglas (son of world-renowned magician David Berglas), he says that you can tell a good performer is one who has a large number of regular customers who book the performer on a regular basis. This shows that the organisers are not just booking the magician once, but that they can rely on the artist to create a great atmosphere and rock the audience (2).

(1) Kuch, Christoph; Severin, Florian (2014): Don't be superstitious, it brings bad luck! 
The psychology of the unbelievable. Knaur publishing

(2) Berglas, David (2022): 
Spotify Link

Research also deals with when a magician is perceived as a professional and what leads to a magician being perceived as good.

The Magic Lab at the University of Plymouth is currently researching the characteristics that distinguish a professional magician from a beginner (3). The following characteristics shed light on this:

  • The magician lets other magicians watch his shows and actively asks for feedback.

  • There is a close circle of magician friends and mentors. The performer develops material with them and receives critical, tailored and open feedback.

  • The performer keeps a diary, records videos of his performances, watches them and uses his notes and observations to perfect his show over and over again.
He analyses his sessions, practices, rehearsals and performances to find out which areas need improvement.

  • The magician observes and analyses the shows of others and watches a wide variety of shows, from magic to variety to related disciplines.

  • The magician draws on skills and knowledge from other areas to apply to his or her magic show. Improvisation theatre, directing classes and comedy classes can help him develop and improve his own skills.

  • He spends more time improving his trick techniques than his performances.

  • The magician is adept at dealing with audiences and can handle any unusual situation with confidence.

When he performs, he knows what it looks like from the audience's point of view and what effect he has from the audience's point of view.

The magician carefully plans the staging, choreography, lighting and other aspects of the dramaturgy of his performances.

Incidentally, the "too perfect theory" states that a trick that is too perfect is paradoxically less impressive. The theory therefore assumes that an increased impossibility leads to a less magical effect.

The too-perfect theory is often applied to magical effects, but it contradicts recent scientific research that shows that participants' enjoyment of a magic performance is positively related to the perceived impossibility of the trick. In their study, Pailhès, Lee and Kuhn show that participants enjoyed a perfect performance more than an imperfect one (4). This means that every magician is called upon to work on the perfection of their tricks and to ensure a high degree of impossibility of explanation.

I have been involved with the art of magic since the age of 6 and have been performing magic for over 25 years. This experience, together with the points mentioned above, helps me to position myself successfully in the market, to look back on a large number of great performances and experiences and to continue to do my best in the future to enchant many more guests as a really good magician, to inspire my audience and to leave them with a moment of amazement. This is reflected in the large number of regular customers who keep asking me to perform and for whom I work on a regular basis. I have been working for the cruise line AIDAcruises for over 11 years, entertaining guests every year at dinner shows for restaurants and travelling the world for Robinson Clubs for over a decade.


Good reasons to book Felix Gauger

Felix Gauger stands for expertise and reliability and puts great emphasis on good communication with the organizers in order to clarify all event details and tailor the event perfectly to the needs of the audience. With Felix Gauger's magic show, you can give your event a magical highlight that will make it stand out from the crowd. Your guests will be amazed, applaud and, above all, be in a really good mood.

Felix Gauger will make your event unforgettable. With magician Felix Gauger you don't just get a magic show, but a complete entertainment package. His performances are always interactive and involving, so that no audience member feels left out. It's not just about being amazed by tricks, it's about experiencing a magical journey.

Felix Gauger is not just a magician, he is a performer who can personalize his shows according to customer requirements. He takes the time to understand your specific needs and requirements to create a unique performance tailored to your event. A customized performance by Felix Gauger is sure to create unforgettable memories. What's more, he can incorporate your message and work with branded items, such as custom printed playing cards with your company logo, which is the perfect addition for corporate events or trade shows. With bespoke magic, your brand can be presented in a remarkable and memorable way.

As a long-time management consultant and Ph.D. economist, Felix knows how to connect with guests and has helped event organizers wow even the most demanding audiences. His experience in the world of technology helps him combine digital, business and magic to create entertainment that is ahead of its time.

With numerous performances and a large number of satisfied customers, Felix Gauger can draw on a wide range of experience. He knows how to master events of different types and sizes, be it a private party, a large-scale corporate event, a dinner show or an international incentive. His experience enables him to inspire any audience with suitable magic

Numerous positive reviews and success stories attest to the high quality of Felix Gauger's performances. His clients praise him for his captivating performances, his professional approach, and his charming, unobtrusive manner. Felix is not the center of attention, but rather the guest with the experience to share. Felix's commitment to perfection keeps him booked and recommended.