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Virtual Magic & Onlineshow

An overview of the entire Felix Gauger program.

Let us make your event unforgettable!

Virtual Magic Show

The digital live experience with Felix's online show

The virtual magic show was created during Covid and has been an integral part of Felix Gauger's show repertoire ever since. The online show via Zoom, Teams or your preferred tool is a purely digital live magic show, completely virtual via PC for your guests. Felix Gauger's magic also creates unique wonders and shared moments at online meetings. Virtual entertainment strengthens team cohesion and virtual collaboration through shared experiences.

Felix streams from his studio at home and involves the guests in the show via PC. The show was specially adapted for the virtual video conference. Felix performs breathtaking tricks while constantly interacting with his audience.

In addition to visual magic, the audience experiences a lot of interactive mental magic and amazing tricks. And every single spectator even has a front row seat.

In one trick, all participants are integrated and have to take part, while other guests make decisions that Felix cannot know in advance but can still make a 100% correct prediction.

The show usually lasts around 30 minutes, but can also be customized. After the show there is also the possibility of an Online magic workshop.You can book this as an option. This gives participants the opportunity to learn their own magic tricks, which they will be taught live by a professional. Felix will either send a pdf in advance for the guests to print out or the guests will receive a magic box by post in advance containing a few props that they can use to perform magic together.

The show can be broadcast via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, GoToMeeting or Google Hangouts, for example. Felix has had the best experience with Zoom.



First row guaranteed!

Completely location-independent

High level of interaction with the audience via the screen, including mind reading

Show duration: approx. 30 min with optional magic workshop afterwards (approx. 60 min in total)

Particularly suitable for an international audience that would otherwise not come together on site

Top price-performance ratio, no travel costs and very sustainable

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Streetmagic & Close Up Magie on AIDA mar with Felix Gauger

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The advantages of Felix Gauger's online show

In the online show, Felix can respond to the motto of the event and inspire the guests with a completely individual digital show

The online show spices up any virtual or hybrid celebration. As the guests not only watch and listen, but are also interactively involved, the magic is a refreshing change between seminars.

Whether MS Teams, Zoom, Webex or in the Metaverse, Felix can play his show on almost any platform. Nevertheless, Felix recommends Zoom for the best experience, where other guests can be easily pinned and removed in addition to the magician's picture.

Numerous positive reviews and success stories testify to the high quality of Felix Gauger's performances. His clients praise him for his captivating performances, his professional approach and his charming manner and delivery, which is above all unobtrusive. Felix is not the center of attention, but the guest with the experience. Felix Gauger's striving for perfection means that he is booked and recommended time and time again.

Everyone sits in the front row, so to speak. It has often happened that participants have brought their children and family members along for the show experience. Make yourself comfortable, grab a drink and simply enjoy the brief moment of amazement.

You can also learn the wow moment and recreate it at home. In combination with the magic workshop, Felix sends the participants a small magic box in advance and teaches the guests their own tricks after the online show. To imitate and enchant.


Why you should ask Felix Gauger for your event. Here are some important FAQs

Mental magic is a form of magic that uses suggestion, psychology, and influence to read minds, make predictions, and trick the human mind. It is an extremely powerful form of magic and is often referred to as the mature form of magic (Kuch, 2014). Psychological themes are often incorporated into the magic act, thought experiments are performed and effects with mind-reading.

Felix has been a professional for over 15 years. He brings his own sound equipment, is self-sufficient, perfectly prepared and you have time to take care of your guests. In addition to his many years of experience, Felix has excellent references and has won awards in several disciplines of the art of magic. As an industrial engineer with a PhD in economics, Felix knows his way around the corporate world and is comfortable with board members, executives and VIPs.

Yes, Felix does not perform a purely musical act, as his show comes to life through interaction with the audience. Felix talks and entertains, amuses and inspires with his charming way of involving the audience. It's not just about the magic effects. It's about the whole package of humorous entertainment and magical illusions.

Magic is a form of entertainment. It uses the principles of trickery to enchant guests. However, it has nothing to do with any kind of fortune telling, esoteric events, runes, divining rods, chakra events or similar absurd things. This may sound obvious, but it is not taken for granted in all cultures. The magician has already performed magic in other cultures and first had to make it clear that these are just tricks, a means to an end of good entertainment. Felix cannot really stop time, travel through space and time, or do any of the other things he claims to do on stage to make the audience think.

The association for magicians is called the Magic Circle of Germany. Felix has been a member of the Magic Circle since 2008 and has successfully passed the theoretical and practical exams.

Fortunately, this has rarely happened so far. However, if a gig is cancelled due to illness, Felix will provide an equivalent replacement. He has a huge network of artists at his disposal, is in regular contact with his colleagues and, if the worst comes to the worst, has a replacement at the ready - that's a promise!