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Felix Gauger is the perfect addition to your corporate event, employee party or trade fair.

An overview of the entire Felix Gauger program.
Let us make your event unforgettable!

Felix has specialised in corporate events with his Business Magic. Unforgettable corporate parties are his promise of success.

Employee engagement and motivation is becoming an important part of corporate values and strategy. Our corporate event magician Felix Gauger will make your corporate event the talk of the town. Whether you are planning a small team event, a large company anniversary or simply a classic staff party, the magic show is guaranteed to liven up the atmosphere and inspire everyone.

Fluent in both English and German, our event magician can perform internationally and is ready to dazzle your audience with a variety of magic tricks. He provides interactive entertainment tailored to any event, whether as a stunning crowd stage magician or as a table magician, moving from group to group, enchanting with personalised tricks up close and personal.

More than just a performer, our magician is a master of entertainment management. By incorporating employee interaction, team building elements and bespoke entertainment, he will ensure that your corporate event is both creatively inspiring and profoundly memorable.

If you're looking for something out of the ordinary to take your corporate event to the next level, our magic show is the ideal choice.

Experience and book our corporate event magic and turn your event into a magical experience that everyone will remember!

Magic is also perfect for trade show events. In fact, magic is a classic tool for attracting an audience to your stand, establishing your brand and drawing attention to you. Over the years, Felix has gained experience of what tricks, shows and performances work best at trade shows.

He regularly works in the trade fair cities of Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Basel and Hanover, enchanting trade fair audiences for large corporations and medium-sized companies. You can also rely on the crowd-puller Felix. Thanks to a variety of options, you will have more time for technical discussions, focus on your customers and make new customer contacts.

Felix Gauger is the magician of your stand party. He will wow your international audience, speaking fluent English and German and moving from group to group to ensure everyone is entertained. Close-up magic is particularly suitable for the stand party as it is very discreet and Felix will move from group to group, enchanting each one individually and up close.


Magic programs by Felix for your company event

Summer party, customer event, kick-off event or Christmas party. Magician Felix Gauger will entertain you at your company party.

Close-up magic is often booked by companies because it is particularly unobtrusive and amazes the guests directly. The magician responds to each guest individually, can entertain in two languages and can integrate your logo into the effects. Customised playing cards, for example, add to the professionalism and match the corporate identity of your event. As a special icing on the cake, Felix's show interlude is also available, creating a special memory through the shared experience.

The magician can also incorporate your slogan or company message. Discuss your requirements with the magician to ensure your corporate event is a success.

Close Up Magic

Table magic gets conversations going and encourages networking among guests by providing a shared experience


Tailor-made, humorous and interactive to make your corporate event unforgettable

Combo package

Close-up magic and show - the maximum in entertainment to inspire your employees or customers

Virtual magic

Will the event be a hybrid or purely online event? On-screen magic to liven things up and provide some entertainment

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Felix Gauger makes a table disappear

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Good reasons to book Felix Gauger

Felix Gauger stands for expertise and reliability and puts great emphasis on good communication with the organizers in order to clarify all event details and tailor the event perfectly to the needs of the audience. With Felix Gauger's magic show, you can give your event a magical highlight that will make it stand out from the crowd. Your guests will be amazed, applaud and, above all, be in a really good mood.

Felix Gauger will make your event unforgettable. With magician Felix Gauger you don't just get a magic show, but a complete entertainment package. His performances are always interactive and involving, so that no audience member feels left out. It's not just about being amazed by tricks, it's about experiencing a magical journey.

Felix Gauger is not just a magician, he is a performer who can personalize his shows according to customer requirements. He takes the time to understand your specific needs and requirements to create a unique performance tailored to your event. A customized performance by Felix Gauger is sure to create unforgettable memories. What's more, he can incorporate your message and work with branded items, such as custom printed playing cards with your company logo, which is the perfect addition for corporate events or trade shows. With bespoke magic, your brand can be presented in a remarkable and memorable way.

As a long-time management consultant and Ph.D. economist, Felix knows how to connect with guests and has helped event organizers wow even the most demanding audiences. His experience in the world of technology helps him combine digital, business and magic to create entertainment that is ahead of its time.

With numerous performances and a large number of satisfied customers, Felix Gauger can draw on a wide range of experience. He knows how to master events of different types and sizes, be it a private party, a large-scale corporate event, a dinner show or an international incentive. His experience enables him to inspire any audience with suitable magic

Numerous positive reviews and success stories attest to the high quality of Felix Gauger's performances. His clients praise him for his captivating performances, his professional approach, and his charming, unobtrusive manner. Felix is not the center of attention, but rather the guest with the experience to share. Felix's commitment to perfection keeps him booked and recommended.


Why you should ask Felix Gauger for your event. Here are some important FAQs

Magic is a form of entertainment. It uses the principles of trickery to enchant guests. However, it has nothing to do with any kind of fortune telling, esoteric events, runes, divining rods, chakra events or similar absurd things. This may sound obvious, but it is not taken for granted in all cultures. The magician has already performed magic in other cultures and first had to make it clear that these are just tricks, a means to an end of good entertainment. Felix cannot really stop time, travel through space and time, or do any of the other things he claims to do on stage to make the audience think.

Yes, magician Felix is fully mobile and will come to your event wherever it takes place. Felix regularly performs in the Frankfurt area. He can also be found in Stuttgart, Hamburg and Hannover. On the popular wedding island of Mallorca, the magician is also a regular guest. Felix has even been booked to perform in the Caribbean, Transylvania and Southeast Asia. Due to his proximity to the Frankfurt airport, he can easily reach any event by train, car or plane.

Mental magic is a form of magic that uses suggestion, psychology, and influence to read minds, make predictions, and trick the human mind. It is an extremely powerful form of magic and is often referred to as the mature form of magic (Kuch, 2014). Psychological themes are often incorporated into the magic act, thought experiments are performed and effects with mind-reading.

For example, if it's your wedding reception or a smaller corporate event with about 60-80 people, Felix will bring everything so you don't have to worry about anything. Felix will bring his own equipment, a small table and, if necessary, a sound system with mics. This ensures that your guests can hear everything, the magician has excellent sound, and they can see everything clearly. So you don't have to worry about anything except the location with a small open space. Ideally, this should not be in the middle of the room, but on one of the narrow sides. This will ensure that everyone can see well and enjoy the show to the full. For large galas, a technical company usually provides the sound, lighting, and stage equipment. A sound engineer will be in charge of the sound and will ensure a clear sound experience. A sound check before the event is recommended.

For your children's birthday party, Felix will be happy to put you in touch with a colleague who specializes in a children's program.

Fortunately, this has rarely happened so far. However, if a gig is cancelled due to illness, Felix will provide an equivalent replacement. He has a huge network of artists at his disposal, is in regular contact with his colleagues and, if the worst comes to the worst, has a replacement at the ready - that's a promise!